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Information on selling

The focus of our auctions is on Viking traffic models manufactured before 1970 (road models, airplanes and ships).

Also suitable are well-preserved toy cars from other manufacturers of the 1950s and 60s (e.g. Siku, Märklin, Lego, PILOT).

A posting should meet the following criteria:

  • The sum of the expected auction proceeds amounts to at least 1000 Euro.
  • The consignment contains a substantial proportion of models with a market value of at least EUR 40, which can therefore be offered individually.
  • The proportion of models from 1970, 2nd choice or restored models is relatively small.

To find out if your collection is suitable for our auction, we recommend that you submit simple group photos. You can use the delivery form. We look forward to your inquiry!

The easiest way is to send us photos of your possible posting. We will be happy to provide you with a first assessment of your models free of charge and in a timely manner.

The value of a single position listed in the Wiking manual of the old models 2016 is a very good estimate for the expected award in our auction. On average, accounts achieve about 60% of the sum of all individual values of the models contained therein. Wiking models of the 1970s and 1980s, which are no longer listed in the Wiking manual of the old models, achieve about 1€ to 3€ per vehicle.

You can also get a good overview from the Auction results earlier auctions. Please note when comparing with your own vehicles that even small differences in colour or shape and smallest dimensions can cause considerable differences in value.

Your proceeds will be paid out exactly one month after the auction, usually by bank transfer. Alternatively, it is also possible to send a crossed cheque.

If you can't wait that long for the proceeds to be paid out, please contact us. For interesting consignments, an advance payment can be made shortly after the collection has been handed over.

You can post at any time. The deadline for consignments, which we consistently adhere to, is usually around eight weeks before an auction. All consignments arriving thereafter are automatically offered in the following auction.

However, in your own interest we recommend an early delivery. As our order volume increases shortly before a posting deadline, we cannot always guarantee that all consignments arriving at short notice can still be offered in the coming auction.

By the way: Contrary to popular belief, the season of an auction has no influence on the bidding process. The price level of all four auctions is almost constant.

Once we have determined that your collection is suitable for the auction, your only task will be to send us your models. Afterwards you don't have to worry about anything.

The usual way is shipping. Safe packaging is very simple and can be done in a short time with few things that are in every household. You will find a little help below.

It is sufficient to attach a note with your contact details to the parcel. It is not necessary to list the contents of the package. We process your posting very carefully and take logistical measures to avoid confusion with postings from other customers. For your own control, taking photos is suitable.

Afterwards, we recommend shipping as a DHL or Hermes package. This ensures an uninterrupted shipment process.

On receipt of a parcel shipment, we usually process your consignment within two weeks and then send you the auction contract. Should we ever need longer delivery times, we will inform you in advance of the receipt of your parcel.

Of course you can also bring your models to us in person (by appointment during normal business hours). For very extensive consignments, we would be happy to visit you at home.

Safe packing and shipping of model cars is very easy and does not take long. You only need a few things that can be found in every household:

  • Toiletpaper
  • newsprint
  • newspaper
  • two boxes (one of which fits into the other)
  • some packing tape

Wrap each model with a sheet of toilet paper and then place the rolled models close together in the smaller of the two boxes. You can now stack many layers on top of each other. Please do not use adhesive tape when rolling up the models – this is useless, it causes you a lot of work when packing and involves the risk of damage when unpacking.

If the carton is not completely filled, you can fill it with tightly knotted newsprint in such a way that the rolled models remain in position and cannot fly around during transport.

You can now place the smaller carton in the larger carton and fill the intermediate spaces with crumpled newsprint. Please do not forget to include a note with your contact details. Afterwards you only have to tape the carton and the package can be sent!

Your models will now be unpacked, sorted by quality, carefully cleaned, lovingly refurbished, described in detail and photographed promptly for the auction catalogue. Each line item or bundle contains a line item number that identifies your models in the contract, auction catalog and settlement.

We offer models with a market value of at least 40 € as individual positions. Lower-value vehicles are grouped into groups. In order to maximize their revenue, we compile these groups as homogeneously as possible (e.g. only fire brigades, only Opel cars, only 2nd choice, ....).

You will then receive the contract of posting in duplicate by post. It already contains the values of your positions. These will give you a good orientation of the proceeds you can expect. One copy is for your records. Please enter in the second contract the bank details to which you wish to receive your proceeds and send it back to us signed.
In order to achieve optimal auction results, when accepting consignments we make sure that rare items are not offered more than once at the same auction. In such cases it makes sense to offer such a rarity only in the following auction.

By sending us your models, you agree to this sequence. If you have special requirements, please state them in advance to avoid misunderstandings.

In March, June, September and December, a weekend is all about our multi-day auctions. While a few years ago auctions were held exclusively as a hall auction, the possibility of “live bidding via the Internet“ has seen a trend towards “convenient bidding from home“ .

To take this development into account, traditional hall auctions only take place once a year, on the Saturdays of the December auctions. These events with an average of more than 70 hall bidders are an integral part of the diaries of long-standing collectors and at the same time large collectors' meetings. Since 2013, we have been organising all other auction days as live auctions on the Internet – a contemporary and very successful form of auction that allows you to bid in real time worldwide and also gives you as the consignor the opportunity to follow the exciting auction.

The first day of each auction belongs to the rarities. Special individual items with a minimum value of €100 are auctioned on Saturdays and are shown in the auction catalogue larger than the other models. They are identified by five-digit catalogue numbers. All other items with four-digit catalogue numbers will be delivered on the following days “under the hammer“.

Low limit prices are a principle of our auction. They give bidders hope for bargains, motivate them to bid and ensure exciting bidding battles. In principle, these amount to only 20€ for favorable positions, ¼ of the discount value for rarities, for example. Due to our experience and the high number of bidders, you can be confident that your positions will not be given away but will be auctioned at market prices.

If you have your own ideas at a minimum price for individual positions, we kindly ask you to make this clear in a preliminary discussion, as we only wish to include models in the auction if their limit prices correspond to the auction concept.

In the last years we have offered more than 1500 positions in every auction and were able to sell everything. This sales rate of 100% is unique in the auction sector and gives you the certainty that your collection will be completely marketed and you will not be left sitting on shopkeepers.

Should a position nevertheless not be auctioned or a complaint made for legitimate reasons, we will offer it again in the forthcoming auction or, if necessary, send it to you free of charge.

For about five weeks before an auction we will publish the auction offer on our homepage. As soon as the auction catalogue is available, our customers will be informed via a newsletter. Large-format photos and search functions now invite you to bid and submit bids.

About three weeks before the auction, around 650 subscribers will receive the auction catalogue with detailed descriptions of the condition and colour illustrations of all items. As a consignor you will of course receive a free copy.

We also publish current information about our auctions on facebook and place ads in toy magazines.

To protect you from possible risks, we have taken out insurance for you. Insurance cover exists from the time of delivery until payment of the proceeds against risks such as theft, burglary, vandalism, fire, water or transport. The insurance value is the triple limit price up to the auction, then the hammer price.

With us, you benefit from "complete, worry-free processing" and the certainty that we pursue the same interest as you: maximum revenue. After the collection has been handed over, you no longer have to worry about anything and will receive your proceeds one month after the auction.

We achieve the optimal sales revenue of your collection through…

… our service of free refurbishment and expert cleaning of your models.

… our competence in the recognition of rarities and sales-optimized sorting of your collection.

The high acceptance of our reliable live auctions on the Internet, which allows bidders to bid from home or on the road and provides online providers with an inspiring auction atmosphere.

Our large, long-standing customer base of around 650 catalogue subscribers and 1200 newsletter subscribers, who ensure the participation of more than 400 bidders on a regular basis. This high participation is encouraged by our Viking advertising model that appears at each auction. This is not available but is given away exclusively to catalogue subscribers who receive at least one award.

... numerous wealthy collectors who appreciate our discretion, service and the neutrality of our descriptions and are willing to pay higher prices than with unknown providers.

We retain a sales commission from your hammer price, which depends on the amount of the bid achieved for each individual item. This commission rate is lower for a high hammer price than for a lower one. The commission rate is only

  • 9% for a hammer price of € 500 and more
  • 12% for a hammer price of € 200 to € 499
  • 16% for a hammer price of € 50 to € 199
  • 19% for a hammer price of less than € 50

There is also a processing fee of €3 per item and an insurance fee of 1% of the hammer price. Please note that the statutory VAT of 19% will be added to the commission, processing fee and insurance fee. However, we do not have to pay VAT on your proceeds.

Calculation example for the amount you will receive:

The surcharge is € 250

Commission 12% of 250 is…. € 30

Insurance 1% of 250 is………  €  2.50

Processing fee…………………… €  3


Auction fee ………………………. € 35.50

VAT 19% on 35.50 is ………... €   6.75


incurred cost……………………   € 42.25

You will be paid € 250 minus € 42.25 = € 207.75 for this position.