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Wiking - Manual

Would you like a clear reference work of old Wiking cars, with colour photos of all models and current market prices?
Then order the "WIKING Manual 2016" for € 98,- today.

The Wiking collection is a bit crazy. Some well preserved old models cost only a few Euros, but similar looking rarities are traded for 1000 Euros and more.

How do you know if a model is valuable or not? What vehicles were there anyway? Is a model in very good condition or does it have a defect that is often overlooked? Are there also fakes? This manual will give you the answers.

The edition, updated in content and improved in graphics compared to the first edition, now also includes more than 150 "new additions" from the increasingly popular era of the 1970s as well as aircraft and civilian ship models. It thus covers all models of the Peltzer era of interest to the collector market today and covers the almost complete Wiking production up to about 1980.

A clear sorting, more than 3800 colour photos and easy-to-understand tables enable you to quickly determine and evaluate models on 1040 pages.

The book invites you to an exciting occupation with the hobby Viking, lets you discover interesting things and enables you to gain a knowledge advantage, which can be worth cash money.

Order the book "WIKING - Handbuch 2016" for € 98,-

ISBN 978-3-00-049721-6