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Information on bidding

All auction days are LiveAuctions on the Internet.

In pre-bids, you decide before an auction on which position you want to bid which maximum amount. Prebids give you the opportunity to participate in the auction without being disadvantaged against active bidders.

You can offer any Euro amount, including amounts that differ from the usual increments, such as 99 or 101 euros. Prebids are treated confidentially and in the interests of the bidder, i.e. they are only excluded to the extent that they exceed another bid by exactly one level of bidding. It is therefore possible that you may receive the bid far below your pre-bid. For example, if you bid 161€, but the second highest bid is only 80€, you will be knocked down at 85€.

Pre-bids can be submitted in the clear online catalogue. After registering once on our homepage, you can conveniently log in with your e-mail address and a password. Now you can enter bids in the bidding field of a position and send them to us by clicking on "bidding" binding.


If you are still a little undecided, you can place your bids on the "bid plan" as an alternative. In it you collect your possible bids. The bidding plan is still non-binding, it resembles a shopping basket when buying online. It provides a good overview and gives you the opportunity to make changes. Do not forget to send the bids contained in the bidding plan in time, otherwise they will not be taken into account!


In a hall auction you must place your online bids by no later than Thursday before an auction (midnight). With live auctions on the Internet, you can also submit bids online during an ongoing auction up to a few minutes before a position is called up.

You can also send us your preliminary bids by post or fax with the help of the purchase application. The form of this purchase request, which is well suited for handwritten execution, is enclosed with each auction catalogue. It is also available for Download. All you have to do is enter the position number and highest bid and then send it to us. The purchase request must be received by us no later than midnight on Thursday before an auction.

If you change or cancel a bid that has already been bindingly sent to us, please contact us by e-mail or telephone, as only we can make a correction.

It can happen every now and then that two equal bids are made and no higher bid is received. At the auction, a random procedure will decide which of the two will be awarded the contract. In a live auction on the Internet, the bid placed earlier is accepted.

Our auctions take place on Saturdays in the Liebfrauensaal in the heart of Köln-Mülheim (Adamsstrasse 21, near Wiener Platz). This is easily accessible by public transport and offers you with our small cafeteria good conditions for a pleasant auction day.


From 10 a.m. to 12 noon you can view all items of this auction day as well as the 2nd choice items called up online the following day in the course of a preview. A viewing during the auction is unfortunately not possible.


You will receive your bidder card on presentation of your identity card in our order form. The auction starts every hour at 12 noon and about 150 lots are auctioned per hour. As a rule, several preliminary bids have already been received for a position. To take these into account, the call for a position does not start at the limit price but at a bidding increment above the second highest pre-bid. Only the auctioneer who manages the highest pre-bid during the bidding process for the remote bidder and incorporates it into the auction of the auction rooms is aware of the highest pre-bid.


The bid is raised to 100€ in 5€ steps, between 100€ and 1000€ plus approx. 10 percent and from 1000€ in 100€ steps (for example: ... -90-95-100-110-...-170-190-...-1900-2000-2100-...). By raising your bidding card you can place a bid. Shortly before awarding a bid, the Auctioneer calls „Zum Einen Einen, Zweiten und zum…!“. If no further bids are received, you will be knocked down. Please hold your bidder card briefly up again so that we can register your bidder number. The auction is extended by family. If there is any misunderstanding, please inform us immediately. Usually discrepancies can be quickly resolved, possibly by calling up a position again.

Once all the items of interest to you have been auctioned, you can return your bidder card and you will receive your bidder's invoice. Since it takes some time to record the auction results, please request them at the earliest five minutes after your last “auction profit“. You can now pay the invoice in cash or by crossed cheque. If you are a catalogue subscriber, payment by direct debit is also possible.

On presentation of the receipted invoice, you will then receive your auctioned models at the goods issue. Please check immediately whether all pieces are in order. Later complaints cannot be accepted.


The following videos show you the auction of a position to one hall bidder and one remote bidder as well as the auction from the perspective of the hall bidders.

If you are actively bidding from home or on the move, you can participate as a telephone bidder. To do this, you must inform us by Thursday evening before an auction at the latest about the positions and telephone number at which you wish to be called.

During the auction you will receive our call just before the position you are aiming for is auctioned off. When it's your turn, our staff will tell you the amount you need to bid to become a bidder. Now you can either agree to this bid or leave the auction.

If you are concerned that the telephone connection may not be established during the auction, you can send me a note "in case I cannot be reached by telephone, until... Euro for me to bid" make sure that in the event of non-accessibility we take this preliminary offer into account for you.

Due to the extensive organisational effort we can only offer you the telephone bidding service for bids over 100 €. For positions with a lower limit price you must therefore bid at least 100 € to be able to participate by telephone.

On all auction days you can follow the auction via the internet and bid from the comfort of your home. This is comfortably possible with computers, notebooks, smartphones and tablet PCs.

What you need to do once to be able to bid live: To do this, you must register on our homepage. After entering your e-mail address and a password of your choice, you will receive an e-mail within a few minutes containing a link. After clicking on this link you are registered and can complete your profile. As a catalogue subscriber or regular customer, you will receive your permanent right to bid live at the latest one working day after registration. If you are a new customer, however, we should receive your registration no later than three working days before an auction so that we can check your details.

You can enter the virtual auction room half an hour before the auction starts by clicking "Go to Live Auction". Now the live console opens, your "cockpit", so to speak.


The large photo in the middle shows the currently viewed article, below it all information about this position. The value contained therein has no function, but it can serve as an orientation aid when bidding or watching.

On the right side, a "countdown ring" shows you the time remaining before the award. When a new bid is placed, the eight second countdown starts again. This way you know for sure how long you have left to bid.

Below it is the bid button with the currently claimed amount. The color blue indicates that you can bid. By clicking on the button you place a bid. If you are then the highest bidder, it lights up green and is inoperative during this time. So there is no danger for you to bid against yourself. If you have placed a preliminary bid that is currently being placed, the button will also appear in green and will identify you as the highest bidder.

The bid history shown below shows the course of the last bidding steps. Bids you place are bold and marked "My Bid".

In the left column, from top to bottom, the last auctioned, current and future positions are displayed. In the case of items that have already been auctioned, the knockdown prices are noted; in the case of upcoming items, any preliminary bids you may have placed (which only you can see) will appear. If you have clicked on "Observe" in a position, it is highlighted and thus easier to see.

Should the extremely rare case occur that the auction "stops", this requires a restart of the auction server on our part. In this case the connection is interrupted for about ten minutes and we are unable to send you any messages. As soon as the LiveAuction can be called up again, you must reopen your LiveConsole. To give you enough time, the auction will continue 15 minutes later. A pop-up bar in the live console will inform you of the exact time of the reboot.

Your auctions on all auction days are summarized by us in a bidder's invoice, which we send to you by letter post on the day after the auction has ended. It includes a surcharge of 22.49% and a flat shipping charge of 10€ (within Germany, to other European countries 20€, overseas on request).

You have to pay this invoice promptly by bank transfer. Payment via Paypal is only possible if the Paypal fees are paid (up to 5%, exact amount on request). An automatic payment by direct debit is unfortunately not possible.

After receipt of payment, we will send your bids well packed and fully insured as a DHL parcel. If we know your e-mail address, you will receive an automated DHL notification shortly after the auction, which contains a link to complete shipment tracking. This message is already triggered by the creation of a package label. However, the earliest package can only be sent a little later, usually on the first Monday after the last auction day.

If you collect your bids personally from our premises, this is only possible on the day we collect them by appointment only. This is usually on the Friday after the last auction day. Please let us know your pickup early so we don't pack a package for you unnecessarily.

The basis for determining the model designations, catalogue numbers and colours is the Wiking manual of the old models (2016 edition).

To assess the condition we examine all models very carefully. We distinguish between intact vehicles and "2nd choice". If a model has fittings or was "tinkered" with it, we consistently sort it into the category "2nd choice" one.

However, not every trace of use or conspicuousness can be described in words on an intact antiquarian toy. When describing a condition, a classification into one of four categories (like new, very good, good, possible) helps.

Corrosion on metal parts and production-related fillings are not usually mentioned separately. Percentages in the catalogue text indicate the degree of preservation of decals and prints.

Price information in the description text of convolutes denotes the sum of the values of all models contained in the convolute. In individual cases, convolutes may also contain models with small dimensions that were not noticed in the description.

Small traces of use and storage are not usually mentioned on packaging. If a packaging is auctioned together with a model, the condition of the packaging is only explicitly described if it differs from the condition of the model.

Definition of the state categories:

new = original state of sale without blemish

very good = with slight signs of wear (e.g. worn, corroded metal parts) or unobtrusive, production-related damage (e.g. small adhesive stain, small dent caused in the plastic by adhesive feed)

good = with signs of wear (e.g. several conspicuous scratches, sharp edges) or very noticeable production-related stains (e.g. large adhesive stains, dents)

moderately = extensively recorded, but complete and without breaks or cracks

Notes on ship models: Ship models often have restorations. The following classification informs you about the degree of restoration:

R 0 = Original condition, without restoration

R 1 = small restoration, e.g. small paint defects repaired or mast replaced

R 2 = stronger restoration, e.g. large-area lacquer defects or several masts replaced (only visible on closer inspection)

R 3 = considerably restored (very obviously)                 

If we have made a significant mistake in the description, we will provide you with the best possible protection. In case of justified complaints, you can make a complaint promptly (preferably by e-mail and attached photos of the defect) and will be reimbursed the full purchase price.

Please note that a complaint must be received by us within 14 days after the end of the auction. Since we already prepare vendor invoices and pay out auction proceeds shortly thereafter, it is no longer possible to settle the auction at a later date.

A Viking advertising model commissioned by us appears for each auction, which is given as a gift exclusively on the occasion of the auction and is not available.


You receive this model as a gift for your auction if you win at least one bid at the auction and are also a catalogue subscriber. As a bidder in the auction room, you will still receive it. If you are a remote bidder or Internet live bidder, it is automatically added to your parcel shipment.

We consistently adhere to this award rule. In order to maintain the exclusivity of the coveted models and to behave fairly towards all customers, we are unfortunately unable to offer any other models.