Help concerning bid increments

General information

What is a bid increment?

A bid increment is the amount by which a bidder has to outbid the currently highest bid.
Bid increments are determined for certain amounts, i.e. the increment is 5€ for the range of 0€ to 50€.

What is the first bid increment?

The first increment is always the starting price of a lot. A bid below this price is not accepted. After this bid has been made, the following bids are made according to the bid increments valid for the respective auction and shown on the matrix below.

When does which bid increment apply?

In a standard auction pre-bids can only be issued on the basis of the bid increments. This also applys to bids placed live at the auction house during the auction.
As an exception, the auction house may accept bids independent from the bid

Bid increments for this auction 61 - 61.Wiking-Auktion

The following table shows the current bid increments for the auction. Please note that although these apply for this auction, they are not necessarily valid for other auctions!

ab Bid increment
0,- EUR 1,- EUR
1,- EUR 3,- EUR
16,- EUR 4,- EUR
60,- EUR 5,- EUR
100,- EUR 10,- EUR
160,- EUR 20,- EUR
300,- EUR 30,- EUR
600,- EUR 50,- EUR
1.000,- EUR 100,- EUR